The Bitcoinkiez support team is consitsting of Berliner bitcoin enthusiasts and individuals and businesses from the Graefekiez-neighbourhood in Berlin Kreuzberg. We are pleased to support local small businesses using Bitcoin. Consulting and implementation are free of charge and without any obligation. For Inquiries please contact:

info (at)
Twitter: @bitcoinkiez @bitcoinkiez
G+: Bitcoinkiez


If you would like to support this non-profit project feel free to donate some Bitcoins to: 17BwFp7zBZTzN1bNcuiHpkh2jynTA27yrc

Users helping users:

The Bitcoinkiez support line is a mailing list for private and business users of Bitcoin in Berlin. This is a place where questions can be asked and answered and solutions can be found. Between humans, not between corporations and their customers. Works better than the support of your service provider :). To register please send a request to info (at)

This page is a pro bono project run by the Crypto Economics Consulting Group.